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Your Invisible Toolbox® Card Deck

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Highly developed interpersonal skills have never been more important. Relating well to others is increasingly a casualty of our high-tech world that brings us smaller and smaller devices and fewer and fewer opportunities to master the complex skills of human relations.

This card deck has been created for you to explore the 100 tools found in the book, Your Invisible Toolbox®: The Technological Ups and Interpersonal Downs of the Millennial Generation by Rowena Crosbie and Deborah Rinner.

Divided into five separate color-coded sections, the tools presented match the chapters of the book. Use this toolbox to challenge yourself to improve your own skills or to engage with others and learn in a community.

It's simple. Pick out any card from the deck. Use the questions to open up a lively discussion with a group or to spur reflective thinking with yourself. Choose one card or investigate several in a single sitting. The only limit is your imagination.

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