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Virtual Presence and Meeting Effectiveness

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During this public health crisis, most business activities have shifted to the virtual realm.  Are we making the best use of technology in our meetings?  Have you ever been captive in a virtual meeting that drags on seemingly forever?  Have you ever experienced a meeting where no one was engaged?  Are people multi-tasking during the meeting rather than giving it their full attention?  Are people confused by the technology?  These virtual meeting patterns are common. They lead to frustration, inefficiency and lost opportunities. The good news is that there are skills and tools that can ensure the virtual meetings you lead are enjoyable and productive for everyone.  Additionally, the skills and strategies can be applied to in-person meetings.

According to the Wharton Center for Applied Research at the University of Pennsylvania, there are 55 million meetings a day in the U.S., yet only 20% of leaders receive any training.  The average senior executive spends 23 hours each week in meetings.  Sadly, senior and middle managers report that a mere 56 percent of meetings are productive and that a phone call or email could replace more than 25 percent of meetings.  When the resources that are involved in meetings each day are considered alongside of these statistics, the financial drain to organizations alone is devastating.

Whether the purpose of the meeting is for problem-solving, sharing information, training, selling or some other objective, setting and exceeding high expectations is important. The success of both the business and your own credibility is at stake.  

During this virtual workshop, participants discover:

·        How to align their virtual presence with their in-person professional presence and present themselves effectively online.

·        How to plan effective meetings and pre-meeting activities

·        The seven essential stages that all successful meetings incorporate

·        How to create a meeting environment where participants want to engage with your meeting topic and presentation

·        Tools that can be applied in both online and in-person meetings

There is more to a successful meeting than simply communicating information. A good meeting not only shares information, it also creates a sense of community and connection with the meeting participants and leaves people feeling inspired, supported and energized. 

Workshop Information:

  • 10% discount on six or more registrations made at the same time.
  • Workshop Location:  Virtual via Zoom
  • Workshop Virtual Times: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (90-minute lunch break)
  • Registration fee includes: expert workshop facilitation by highly-skilled Tero trainers, production team and tech support, e-handbook and electronic resources, complimentary subscription to Tero's monthly eZine (electronic magazine) and complimentary access to Tero's exclusive Graduates Only section of the Tero website.

You may cancel your registration up to 14 days before the seminar. 75% of your registration fee will be refunded. If you need to cancel less than 14 days prior to the seminar, you may send a substitute from your organization or transfer your registration to another Tero seminar within one year.


Tero International provides training to clients at locations around the world. To bring this Tero workshop to a group of people at your location, to inquire about facilitator certification, or to ask a question, contact Tero. Contact Rowena Crosbie, President, 515-221-2318 (ext. 202) or email [email protected]  

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